Freelance Writer

I’m always looking for new ways to further and expand my writing as a journalist.

After spending the majority of my journalism career working in broadcast, I mastered the art of writing for television and web-focused news articles —quick, concise, conversational and deadline-driven. With this experience, I recently began writing feature/lifestyle/travel stories and pitching these stories to editorial publications.

As a journalist, I know how to ask the right questions to uncover a gem of a story. I know that every single story needs a character before it is told. I know how to dig deep into data to discover hidden facts. And, I understand how to tell stories that people can value, learn from and that create connections. My goal as a journalist is to find and create content that focuses on people’s stories and therefore, build relationships —whether that’s between a company and its consumers or between a story’s character and a news audience. When you tell stories about people, for people, you always add value to content.

Writing Samples

San Diego Press Club 2nd Place Winner: Distinctively Highland Valley: Winemakers in the Region Look to Set Themselves Apart with an AVA

Oceanside Co-Op Provides Much-Needed Space for Small Businesses to Connect

Zero Waste-Inspired Restaurant Opens in Oceanside

San Diego Society of Professional Journalist Winner: CampestreMAG: Are labor challenges affecting your wine’s taste and price tag?   

On the 101: A Road Trip Guide from San Diego to Big Sur for Food and Wine Lovers

Top Doctors Profile for San Diego Magazine 

7 French Foodie Cities to visit from Paris by train

The 16th Arrondissement: Best Neighborhood for an Eiffel Tower View

A Tuscan Road Trip: Our Favorite Pit Stops

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